About Us

Hands for Christ Community Church’s Core Values:

– To be Christ Centered

– To respect language differences

– To be mindful and inclusive of others

– To be broken, surrendered and live through holiness

– To be grace centered


Deaf participants will be able to attend a service with confidence, pride, and education of their true identity in Christ. They will know what it is like to truly know their Maker and grow in the knowledge of truth and learn of the Triune God in their own language. They will be part of the “Going Forth” of sharing and spreading the gospel through the means of their own language, American Sign Language.


To unite people to Jesus via the gospel through devoted hands. The people whose native language is sign language will have an opportunity to have a relationship with Christ through means of face-to-face instruction with a native user pastor and not have to gain knowledge or information through an interpreter. Deaf people will be able to engage in biblical studies, worship, devotion, and learn more about the Word through American Sign Language.